Easy Homemade Tips For Dark Lips

If are feel embarrassed out of your darker lips then homemade strategies for dark lips given listed here are perfect for you to make your lips pinkish and delightful. Rosy and pink lips are important element for a woman’s or aEasy Homemade Tips For Dark Lips man’s personality because these add charm and attract your look. There is no doubt about it that natural rosy and pink lips look very appealing. They don’t need to wear lip balm or lipstick. Lots of people among us are shy of public appearance that have many reasons, among which darker lips is among the most common problem. Dark lips can tarnish the private image and can cause embarrassment. There are lots of things which can cause lips being darker. Some of the major causes of lips darkening are exposure to the sun, allergies, caffeine intake, smoking and hormonal imbalance which can result in ghastly looking lips.

There are lots of ways to lighten the dark lips. Here are a few of the natural and homemade strategies for dark lips to lighten them up:

  • Lemon is generally used to lighten the brown spots and dark patches of your skin. But you can also use lemon to lighten the dark lips naturally. Massage a brand new squeezed lemon juice on lips for overnight when it is bedtime and you will see effective lead to days.
  • Berries can also be used to resolve the problem of darker lips. Berries like strawberries and raspberries can be used as this purpose. Make a paste by mixing berries with Natural aloe-vera juice and honey. Apply this mix on lips and leave for 5 minutes. After rinsing off use a homemade lip balm. These berries contain vital minerals and vitamins that are needed by the lips to stay vibrant and healthy.
  • You may also use ice cubes for massaging the lips. This makes the lips fresh and nourish and moisturize them.
  • Honey can be used a natural cure fr the lips which have turned dark with age or any other external factors. Honey has numerous beauty benefits and one of those benefits s that it can soften the lips and provide the lips a pink glow. Apply honey on lips everyday overnight. Put it on all over the lips and allow it to dry after that wash it off.
  • For natural pink and smooth lips, take one tablespoon of strawberry juice and blend it with two tablespoons petroleum jelly and apply this mix on lips. Use this mixture like a lip balm daily on lips.
  • Some oils like essential olive oil, tea tree oil, mustard oil etc may also be used for darker lips. Clove oil can also be used for patchy and dark lips. Essential olive oil does not have any harmful effect so it’s best among all. Apply these oils on lips when it is bedtime.
  • Apply the mixture of almond oil and using castor oil and massage on lips to ensure they are pink and smooth naturally.

Use these homemade tips for dark lips every single day and you will see blooming lips like rose in couple of days.

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