Slimming Superfoods for Healthy Living

Some foods are ideal components of a healthy diet and generally speaking nature knows best. When food tastes delicious and also helps you to keep Slimming Superfoods for Healthy Livingoff the pounds, it’s a win-win situation.

When you want to stay slim, yet still have an enjoyable diet, try incorporating certain so-called “superfoods” into your daily food regime. This time super doesn’t have to mean super expensive. Something as inexpensive and simple as an apple or a banana can help fill you up without increasing your body weight. In fact these and other foods can help maintain your weight at healthy levels.

Super fruits
Apples and bananas are “slow release” energy foods — they help prevent your blood sugar levels from dipping high and low and so stop you “emergency” snacking on high-sugar sweets and drinks. Also if you eat an apple fifteen minutes before a meal, you are likely to eat fewer calories overall, as you will be less hungry. Apples’ high fibre content also promotes efficient digestion. Bananas contain RS or resistant starch, which boosts your metabolic rate so you can digest food more efficiently and burn off fats and sugars. Grapefruit is another super fruit that will aid your metabolism when eaten before a meal, as it helps reduce insulin levels in the body. Kiwi fruits are very high in Vitamin C, which creates carnitine — the substance you use to burn fats. Oranges are top of the list of the most-filling foods; when you snack on an orange you are far less likely to eat a large meal afterwards meaning you’ll ingest fewer calories and put on less weight.

Fresh Pineapples
are another super fruit as they contain the enzyme bromelain, which helps the body digest proteins.

Super protein foods
Eggs are cheap and filling, versatile in the ways they can be eaten and also contain choline, a substance that blocks the digestion of fats. Salmon is a lean fish that contains healthy omega-3 oils, which encourage your body to burn fat instead of storing it. A great source of protein, Goat’s cheese may also aid weight loss. In a study, carried out by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, women who ate an ounce of full-fat cheese each day gained fewer pounds overall than women who ate no cheeese at all. This may be because whole fat cheese contains linoleic acid which stimulates the metabolism. As with any cheese, don’t overdo it and try spreading it on chopped vegetables instead of crackers. Black beans also contain high levels of protein and, unlike most other protein foods, they have no fat.

Super veggies, grains, and nuts
Broccoli is fibre rich so it stimulates the digestion and it’s loaded with energy-producing Vitamin C, as are sweet red peppers. Red peppers are better than green as they also contain Provitamin A, an antioxidant that boosts the metabolic rate. Like bananas, brown rice contains resistant starch, which helps burn fats. Beans — particularly kidney beans and white beans — also contain RS, as well as protein. Nuts like almonds and pine nuts contain high levels of healthy, fat busting omega-3 oils.



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