Mineral Makeup: The Future of Beauty?

A day doesn’t go by without beauty experts praising the most recent innovations in skincare and sweetness, however one makeup revolution minralethat has only just received growing popularity has been around for plenty of years – mineral makeup. Favoured by skincare experts and makeup artists alike, mineral makeup from Gerrard International continues to be described as the future of beauty because of its unique 100% mineral enriched formula that actually works in harmony with the skin instead of against it.

Regular makeup can frequently contain a number of synthetic ingredients for example parabens, talc and fillers or binders. These synthetic ingredients can block the pores – irritating skin that’s sensitive or rosacea and acne prone skin consequently. Mineral makeup however is totally free from synthetic materials, and enriched with minerals which try to actively energise and revitalise your complexion.

Unlike other makeup, mineral makeup will help soothe sensitive or acne and rosacea prone skin. Natural ingredients not only provide long-lasting coverage however the unique mineral formula lets your skin breathe while protecting it from the environmental irritants – to make sure skin is soothed all day long.

Another quality which makes mineral makeup a skincare revolution may be the makeup’s ability to protect the skin from the sun. With such an emphasis on sun-protection in today’s makeup collections, the opportunity to both soothe the skin while serving as barrier between harmful UV rays shows precisely how innovative mineral makeup is really.

Professional mineral makeup brands such Mii Cosmetics have a complete line of mineral makeup for example foundation, eye colours, bronzers and illuminators. Eye colours give a rich colour as well as protection towards the delicate eye area while bronzers ensure a proper sun-kissed glow while preventing any damage brought on by the sun.

The trick to applying mineral makeup would be to gently buff the mineral powder round the face, gradually building up coverage and colour. Besides mineral makeup replenish required mineral levels within the skin, the colour rich formula ensures a complete and long lasting coverage which the skin remains protected from the sun and rain as well as any harmful Ultra violet rays.


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