Nice Steps On How To Do Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can change your looks for the day or an evening. An eye makeup can make you look subtle, elegant or dramatic. The look which you Nice Steps On How To Do Eye Makeupget is totally dependent on the way a person chooses to highlight her eyes. Eye makeup can be done in various different ways depending on the time, that is, day or evening or the place you are going to.

If a person is going for a simple or casual outing then she should preferably keep her eye makeup to the minimum. If you are going for a party or a formal event then you will definitely opt for a more elaborate eye makeup. Eyes are one of the most expressive and important features’ of a girl’s face which she loves to highlight. So, it is important that she does not go wrong with it and spoil her look.

How to Do Eye Makeup
Make Sure You Clean the Area Around Your Eyes
Before you start the makeup for your eyes, it is very important to clean the area around your eyes. Use a moisturizer or a makeup remover to clean your eyes or take off any makeup which has been done earlier but not cleaned. Make sure no moisturizer or cream has been used on the eye lids as it makes them oily or greasy and does not let makeup to stay on it. It is very important to keep your eyes neat to do any sort of makeup on it.

Even your Skin around your Eyes
Apply a base which goes best with the skin color of the area around the eyes. Apply it evenly and put the right quantity. Make sure that not too much of base has been used as it gives an artificial look.

Sometimes, there are patches or dark circles around a person’s eyes which cannot be concealed with the application of base, so you need to use a concealer to hide them.

Apply Eye Shadow on your Eyes
Once, you are done with cleaning your eyes and making the area around your eye even you first apply the eye shadow. Apply the eye shadow appropriately and choose your look. Decide whether you want a subtle look, glittery look or a smoky look. Apply a darker shade if eye shadow on the crease of your eyes. Apply a little eye shadow near the eyebrows also. If you have applied more than one color for your eye shadow blend it properly. Use your fingers to blend it if required, this gives a more natural and better look to your eyes.

Apply Eye Liner
Use a liquid eye liner on your eyes. The look of a liquid eye liner is not matched by any other eye liner. Use liquid eye liner on your eye lids and if you want to add more dramatic look to your eyes use eye liner on the lower eye lashes also. Use a different color eye liner to get a more different look. If you want to keep it safe use a black eye liner.

Curl your Lashes and Apply Mascara
Curl your eye lashes before applying mascara and never after it. Curling provides a grip to your eye lashes. Mascara gives a different look to your eyes.

A person can apply mascara on the lower eye lashes also. If you desire to put more than one coat of mascara on your lashes be sure it is done when the mascara is wet.

Apply Kajal
Kajal or kohl is applied by most of the women these days. It is the basic and most essential for the eyes. You can highlight your eyes differently with kajal. One can apply a thin line or get a catty look by applying a thick one. A person can also opt for a colored kajal. Most women feel that their eye makeup is incomplete without the application of kajal. On the other hand there are some women who do not apply kajal at all. This totally depends whether kajal suits them or not.

After following the above steps your eye makeup is ready. Be sure and confident of your appearance and do not fiddle too much with it. Be sure you choose that kind of eye makeup which suits you the best and complements your personality. Most importantly do the eye makeup which you can carry off with great attitude. Eye makeup can give you a natural or dramatic look. Choose your look and opt for the one which you want to sport and which you feel looks the best on you.


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