Healthy Diet Plan for Healthy Fitness

Taking charge of our diet and fitness now also means taking charge of our health. With the almost inexorable rise in the number of diseases and life-threatening conditions linked to Healthy Diet Plan for Healthy Fitnesslifestyle – that is, what we eat and whether we exercise or not – doctors are as likely to prescribe a fitness and nutrition program as they are to offer medication to certain patients.

Create a week-long lunch plan based on grains and leafy greens. Smaller portions of grains, such as quinoa, fill you up and take longer to digest. Include a portion of lean protein with each lunch. For sandwiches, choose low-calorie, whole-grain breads or pitas and add vegetables for texture. For flavor, use low-calorie condiments, such as mustard and balsamic vinegar.

Simple meals made with healthy foods low in calories and carbohydrates can offer a pleasant end to your day. Dinners should be delicious and quick, and include fresh ingredients, such as seasonal vegetables and herbs. Planning dinner menus based on seasonal vegetables ensures variety in your diet.

Snacking between meals is healthy when you choose nourishing options, such as fruit, granola bars and vegetables. Eating between meals maintains mood and energy. Snacking also prevents you from becoming overly hunger, which can lead to overeating. Encouraging children to choose healthy snacks at an early age will help kids make healthy choices later on in life, the Health n Fitness Care website reminds.

Homework never tasted this good! Use the above Sample Meal Day as a guide to plan your meals for the week. Clearly, you can’t have the exact same Meal day, daily. Exchange foods like fish for chicken, or cereal for whole-grain toast. But: stick to the portions as much as possible. 


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