Health Benefits of eating Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn is one of the most widely used and special vegetables contain delicious kernels around the cob, which is loved by adults and children alike because of its Health Benefits of eating Sweet Corndelicious taste and sweet flavor. Sugar corns are harvested at initial phase unlike traditional field corn. Sugar con kernels continue to be at milky stage, sweet corns are thought best for health as the sugars within the kernels swiftly converts to starch. This delicious vegetable contains great supply of minerals and vitamins. Studies suggest that sweet corn contains Vitamin B5, Ascorbic acid, Vitamin B1, folate, soluble fiber and manganese , as sweet corn is packed with vitamins and minerals, when you eat corn regularly it provides splendid health benefits.

Cancer Prevention
Sweet corn includes a chemical called beta cryptoxanthin, it’s just like famous chemical known as beta carotene. When you consume food the body converts beta cryptoxanthin chemical to Vit a. According to studies it has been proved the more consumption of the food which contains beta cryptoxanthin reduces the risks of cancer of the lung. Hence, eating sweet corn regularly likewise helps you prevent such fatal diseases.

Memory Enhancement
Sweet corn contains higher level of Vitamin B1 or thiamine. Studies claim that thiamine is a very essential nutrient that is necessary for cognitive function as well as for brain cells. Regular usage of thiamine is important to the body because it helps your body produce acetylcholine. This acetylcholine is kind of neurotransmitter that is vital to sustain memory capabilities. Presently, so many people are suffering with Alzheimer’s; with the usage of thiamine you are able to prevent this memory loss disease.

Vision Protection
Sweet corn can also be rich in antioxidant such as zeaxanthin. It may be the yellow-coloured pigment, which naturally obtain in sweet corn. Using the usage of zeaxanthin you can prevent eye diseases like macular degeneration occurred by aging. Also sweet corn is packed with beta carotene and folate; these compounds also save from harm brought on by macular degeneration.

Fiber in Sweet Corn
Sweet corn can also be rich in fiber, one medium sized corn provides around 10 % of fiber that needed in your daily diet. Dietary fibers are of two type the first is soluble and another one is insoluble fibers as well as in sweet corn you can find both types of dietary fibers. Dietary fibers controls levels of cholesterol in the body and lowers the chance of heart diseases. According to AHA (American Heart Association) reports, consumption of fiber in your diet helps you prevent heart problem. The insoluble fiber controls the cholesterol and prevents from being assimilate within the bloodstream.

Cardiovascular Health
Sweet Corn is full of folate, it is also known as Vitamin B9. Regular using folate gives effective health advantages like it reduces homocysteine-levels in the body. It’s a type of amino acid, which damages arteries. The increase of the levels of homocysteine within our body can be fatal there are more chances of getting cardiac arrest, peripheral-vascular diseases, and stokes. When you consume folate daily, it’ll reduce the possibility of heart attack along with other health problems at least 10%.

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