Best foods for this Monsoon

Its pouring heavily outside and all sorts of that your heart desires is really a hot mug of coffee and some spicy and hot snack. Hot hot pakoras, spicy chaat, hot Best foods for this Monsoonsoup, chips, kadak chai, masala chai and also the list goes on and on. But could it be good to stuff your belly with this particular of food all through the monsoon? Well not at all. So here are some “must have” and “must avoid” type of food during the monsoon.

While monsoons are remembered for that wet mud smell, the enchanting rains, the cool breeze that sweeps of the face yet it also brings together with it some unwanted illness ike cold, fever, infections, indigestion plus much more. One way to keep away from all this when you eat healthy food. Lets look at different kinds of food that may be relished during the monsoon:

Hot soup:
A bowl of hot soup having a dash of minced garlic is essential during the monsoons. It not just keeps away from cold and flu but additionally helps your body from feeling tired and worn-out. It gives that much needed warmth. It’s also a good diet for those who are unable to workout (around they do normally) during the monsoon. In the event of throat infection a bowl of hot soup could behave as a sigh of relief and also at the same time fill your stomach too.

Kadak chai or masala chai:
From a Indians point of view not like a hot cup of kadak chai or masala chai. It provides a perfect beverage during the monsoon season. The cardamom and cinnamon utilized in preparing masala tea also helps in steering clear of throat infections and cold. For anyone who plan to go for a long ride while it is raining, it will be fun and refreshing to simply stop by a tea stall and also have a hot cup of tea.

Mouth watering pakoras are another dish that is a must have throughout the rainy season. A cup of herbal tea and a plate of pakoras are an unbeatable combination throughout the rainy season. You can select from various kinds of pakoras ike onion pakora, spinach pakora, potato pakora, paneer pakora, green chili pakora also it goes on. Having said that avoid having street side pakoras during monsoon, instead attempt to prepare it at home It may be just a little consuming but its going to be worthwhile. And also as it is a fried food don’t over indulge in it, every so often is a good option.

Chips, Samosas and kachoris:
Imagine its raining dogs and cats outside and you are serve having a ate of hot chips, delicious samosas, lip smacking kachoris having a creamy and spicy dip to choose it. Sounds really good isn’t it? These simple to prepare food are good to binge on every so often and also leaves you having a filed tummy and a happy heart.


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