How to Repair fix Damaged Hair

It is normal that our hairs damage in today’s living world because the level of pollution has grown up compared to normal level. People are always searching for questions like how How to Repair fix Damaged Hairyou can repair damaged hair or how you can fix damaged hair. Salon hair products could be too expensive and a common person wouldn’t afford those spa treatments. This is where the home remedies for damaged hair involves rescue. The pollution at the roadside and also the polluted water that we use to clean our hair often spoils our hair, that makes it to break very easily. Hairs constitute complete proteins so when hairs lack that protein, there’s no question that it will look dull and dry.

Like skin, the sun’s rays can also damage the hair. Items to make your hair brittle until dry scalp. Therefore, use styling items that provide protection against UV rays.

Apple Vinegar
Vinegar Apples reduce hair damage making it more subtle. Mix one tablespoon of corn oil having a half cup of apple cider vinegar treatment and two cups of water. Use the mixture to the hair, after shampooing, when locks are still wet. Let are a symbol of 10 minutes, then rinse clean without needing shampoo. To eliminate the stinging odor of apple cider vinegar, you can daub conditioner in the ends of hair. Do that treatment twice a day, for maximum results.

Skin oils
Use natural oils on your hair like coconut oil, sunflower oil or almond oil to boost the softness and smoothness of hair. You need to do this by applying natural oil around the hair after shampooing, wrap hair with warm towel, let stand 15-20 minutes. Then rinse your hair thoroughly.

Vitamin B
Consumption of b vitamin every day. The content of biotin within the vitamin B complex will strengthen your hair. You can get vitamin B complex in eggs, beans and bananas.

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