Valuable Health benefits Eating Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is a starchy vegetable that doubles like a functional food. Starchy means it’s high in carbohydrate content. Functional means it has multiple nutrients

Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn

that can bring advantages to the body. When it comes to the diet, sweet corn is effective as a side dish, or perhaps an ingredient in soups, salads or casseroles. By combining it along with other foods, you can boost the nutrient content much more.

Health Benefits:

Cardiovascular Health
Sweet Corn is full of folate, it is also known as Vitamin B9. Regular using folate gives effective health advantages like it reduces homocysteine-levels in the body. It’s a type of amino acid, which damages arteries. The increase of the levels of homocysteine within our body can be fatal there are more chances of getting cardiac arrest, peripheral-vascular diseases, and stokes. When you consume folate daily, it’ll reduce the possibility of heart attack along with other health problems at least 10%.

Cancer Prevention
Sweet corn includes a chemical called beta cryptoxanthin, it’s just like famous chemical known as beta carotene. When you consume food the body converts beta cryptoxanthin chemical to Vitamin a. The more consumption of the food which contains beta cryptoxanthin reduces the risks of cancer of the lung. Hence, eating sweet corn regularly likewise helps you prevent such fatal diseases.

Memory Enhancement
Sweet corn contains higher level of Vitamin B1 or thiamine. Thiamine is a very essential nutrient that is necessary for cognitive function as well as for brain cells. Regular usage of thiamine is important to the body because it helps your body produce acetylcholine. This acetylcholine is kind of neurotransmitter that is vital to sustain memory capabilities. Presently, so many people are suffering with Alzheimer’s; with the usage of thiamine you are able to prevent this memory loss disease.

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