Use Healthy Herbs for Live Longer

Herbs for Live Longer

Herbs for Live Longer

A little plant in the icy permafrost of Siberia just might assist you to feel better and live longer, University of California-Irvine researchers say. They found fruit flies fed extracts of Rhodiola rosea, or golden root, more than their otherwise healthy peers. Today’s physicians have become more open to the idea of using herbal treatments to treat their patients, and they require the science to back it up.

This herb, often used like a spice, hails from India and it has been consistently found to possess powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In conjunction with three other Indian spices and green tea herb, it has been found to stimulate and up-regulate producing the big three antioxidants.

The Mei Zen:
The Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture System for Facial Rejuvenation provides a unique and highly beneficial method of looking younger and feeling healthier hard. Contact your local acupuncturist to find out more.

He Shou Wu
He Shou Wu (AKA fo ti) is really a powerful Chinese anti-aging herb for potentially reversing a loss of revenue of hair or graying hair, but more to the point, having general anti-aging and life-extension properties.

Utilize it fresh or dried, the taste is fantastic either way. If you fill it up in a pot, it will happily move inside once the weather gets too cold. Also, because it likes to dry out between waterings, it may be good to consider giving it its very own space as there aren’t a lot of other plants that like the same treatment.

Use this for 2 main types of cooking; wintery stews and summery meat grilling marinades. Thyme is really a low growing plant and my personal favorite, lemon thyme, is really a ground cover. It’s perfect for edging beds or placing right in front of a mixed container planting. The guarana plant is very hardy, if you can view it (for lack of snow cover), you are able to harvest it.

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