Feel Good with Stretching Exercises for Women

Stretching Exercises

Stretching Exercises

Regardless of how physically active we might be, for most of us our desk jobs and lifestyles leave us with hunched shoulders along with a tight sunken chest. For people who are on a balanced weight training plan, we are likely being employed as hard on our upper body once we are on our lower body. But when stretching exercises, we could find that we tend to neglect our torso.

Stretching Exercises:

Biceps Stretch Against Wall
It may be tough to effectively stretch the biceps, however the wall stretch definitely hits those muscles where very little other stretch does! Place you behind you on a wall with arm straightened and fingers pointing from you perpendicular to your body. Turn the body away from the wall until you feel an intense stretch with the bicep and hold. Repeat on the opposite side.

Walking Stretch
Stand together with your feet together and your arms at the sides. Step forward with your left foot and grab your right foot or ankle together with your right hand. Keep your torso upright as well as your right knee pointing lower as you pull your calf toward your hamstring. Hold for just one second, then release the best leg and step forward. Repeat the succession on the other side. That’s one rep. Do Eight to ten.

IT Band Roll
Lie in your left side with your legs straight as well as your left hip on a foam roller. Put your palms on the floor in front of you and put your right foot flat on the ground in front of your left knee. Straighten your arms and raise your torso off the floor. Press the body weight on the roller. Slowly roll in the hip down to the knee and look out onto the hip. For a deeper stretch, rest your right leg on your left as you roll. Repeat around the right leg.

Hammy Roll
Take a seat on the floor with your legs extended. Put your left foot flat on the ground next to your right calf and put the foam roller under your right knee. Together with your palms on the floor behind you, raise your butt and right foot, keeping the hands still, and slowly roll in the back of the knee joint as much as your hip and back. Do another rep together with your leg turned in slightly, the other with your leg turned out; repeat on the other hand.

Back Roll on your ball
Lie on your back on top of the exercise ball with feet on the floor and arms stretching overhead. The ball should completely support your back between the gluteal muscles and the neck. This move offers an excellent stretch for the abdominal muscles as well as your chest.

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