Health Benefits Of Banana for Every People

Benefits Of Banana

Benefits Of Banana

Bananas are one of nature’s great snack foods, but did you know just how good for you they are and how many different and unusual uses they can have? Ahead are the banana health benefits for more energy, better health and even improving the way you look and feel.

Benefits Of Banana:

Improves Bowel Movement:
Banana is rich in a kind of fibre that improves bowel movement and reduces constipation. Among the other banana health benefits one is that it also reduces the effects of diarrhoea. Being a rich source of potassium it replenishes our body with natural electrolytes. A banana restores the normal digestive system with the help of a soluble polysaccharide named pectin.

Reducing hangover is one of the most amazing banana benefits. Banana replenishes vitamins in the body to the ideal . You can either have them raw or blend them to have a juicy shake. It is also good if you want to quit smoking. It combats both physical and psychological effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Good For Blood:
A banana is rich in nutrition. It promotes the growth of red blood cells in the body due to the iron present in it. It is also a source of vitamin B6, a crucial element in blood. It produces antibodies and boosts immune system. So if you are anaemic, have at least one to two bananas a day for good health.

You must have heard that we need sufficient calcium to make our bones strong and healthy. A couple of bananas in a day is enough to do so. It is very good for growing children. Reap the benefits of banana as may be this is one of the cheapest fruits with so many health benefits.

Healthy Digestive Tract:
Bananas can diminish the uncomfortable effects of diarrhea and constipation. bananas can relieve the body from constipation and help restore regular digestion with pectin, a soluble polysaccharide that helps normalize the digestive tract.


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