Importance of Calcium Rich Foods For Everyone

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium Rich Foods

Calcium is known to be an essential thing which maintains our body. It is known by science that calcium should be a proper intake in everyday life because calcium is not only important to make your bones stronger, but it is also important because it helps our muscles to function properly and our nerves to keep on working making them strong too. Calcium is thought to be taken more when you are young because a child develops bones and his bone structure is known to get bigger day by day but there are quite less people who actually tell you that calcium is more important for your old age too.

It is true that milk alone cannot satisfy the proper intake of calcium level even if a child is depended only upon milk. At the end of the day storage of calcium is fulfilled by calcium syrups.

Important Source of Calcium:

  • Milk and spinach are known as calcium-rich foods to fortify the bones and make your teeth stronger.
  • You can get good source of Calcium in your daily diet from milk and dairy products, but you can also get calcium from vegetables, fruits, grains, plain yogurt, fruit yogurt, low fat milk, whole milk, milk shakes, cheese, etc.
  • Other than milk products, you can get calcium from Salmon, Tofu, Spinach, Turnip greens, White beans, Baked beans, Broccoli, Peas, Brussel sprouts, Sesame seeds, Almonds, Leafy greens like spinach, kale and mustard greens, Paneer, etc.
  • You can also take Calcium-fortified breakfast cereal, orange juice, and soy milk, etc.

In our body 99% of calcium is stored in bones and teeth and remaining 1% is used for cellular processes. Children need more amount of calcium for strong and dense bones. Strong bones prevent you from disease such as osteoporosis that is caused due to lack of calcium.

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