Home Remedies To Get Naturally Straight Hair

Naturally Straight Hair

Naturally Straight Hair

It is possible to achieve straight hair with the use of natural ingredients. The results are not going to be as instantaneous as your flat iron, but it is truly worth the effort. Besides, the use of the natural ingredients not only guarantees straight hair but also extra nutrition and conditioning for your hair and scalp.

Straight Hair Tips:

Coconut and Lemon Pack:
Prepare a freshly made coconut milk and add few drops of lemon juice in it. Keep this mixture in a refrigerator for few hours till you see a thick layer on top of the bowl. Apply this mixture on the entire length of hair and keep it for 20 minutes to half an hour. You can also apply a warm towel to get steam after applying this mixture. Wash it with a mild shampoo and conditioner your hair. After drying you will definitely find your hair silkier and smoother.

Milky Spray:
Milk contains natural moisturizing properties which are very good to condition your dry hair. Take half cup milk, best if you take a whole cream milk and mix it with a half cup water. Store this liquid in a spray bottle and apply it evenly on all over hair. Allow this mixture to get soaked in hair for half an hour before shampooing the hair. This mixture will add considerable amount of moisture in your hair making hair straighter and smoother.

Castor oil:
Castor oil is known to have hair growth and hair straightening properties. Massage the oil on the scalp, along your hair strands and then comb your hair properly. As you comb, blow dry your hair, which has been separated into sections, on high heat. The hair should feel dry and not oily after being blow dried. When done, wrap it with a chilled towel and leave for half an hour. It will soothe the hair from excessive heat and will restore the straightness.

Massage Therapy:
Though many believe that oiling hair is bad for the scalp, but castor oil is known to have hair growing properties. Take oil and massage on the scalp along with hair strands. Use a wide tooth comb to remove tangles. Leave it for half an hour before you wash. Regular practice of massaging castor oil will make you hair stronger and straighter. Make sure that after you wash your hair, they should feel dry and not oily.

The Celery Way:
Take a generous amount of Celery leaves and mix little water and crush it into a coarse paste. Squeeze the extract of this mixture into a bottle and keep this for at least one day. This will help the juice to develop the properties for straightening. Use them 30 minutes prior to shampoo to get straight hair without having any damage. Make sure you use a mild shampoo for washing the hair.


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