Beauty Benefits Of Olive Oil for women

Benefits Of Olive Oil

Benefits Of Olive Oil

Olive oil is an amazing creation of nature that we can use for many of our day today needs. What makes it more useful is that when in food, it is much healthier that coconut oil or vegetable oil and when used as a beauty product, it can make miracles. Here are some of the best uses of Olive oil.

Olive Oil Benefits:

Removing Eye Makeup:
Olive oil is excellent for removing mascara. It’s much better than petroleum jelly or baby oil and is beneficial to the skin around your eyes.

Hair Care:
Olive oil is extremely good for hair where it nourishes the hair cuticles allowing thick and long healthy hair to grow fast. Oilve oil can be mixed with Vitamin E to be massaged into the scalp for better results too.

Perfect Home Manicure:
Use a few drops of olive oil in warm water for a wonderful at-home manicure. Apply your favorite lotion afterwards to lock in the moisture.

Dry Feet Treatment:
Dry feet can be healed after one night of this treatment. Before bed, rub olive oil into your dry, cracked feet. Do not rinse. Then, put a cozy pair of socks on and go to sleep. Your feet will drink in the moisture and feel much better by morning.

Skin Exfoliator:
For that dry and scaly skin, olive oil can treat it the best way. Olive oil mixed with sea salt and rubbed over the skin can remove all the dead and dry skin, leaving behind a fresh and rejuvenated skin. A few drops of olive oil could be combined with drops of lavender oil, to experience a whole new bathing secrets.

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