Ways To Reduce Stress Levels

Reduce Stress Levels

Reduce Stress Levels

Exercise and nutrition can help reduce stress and anxiety attacks. Most of us get stressed easily in this modern society, and part of the blame goes to lack of exercise and awareness of importance of healthy food.

Tips To Reduce Stress :

Deep Breathing :
The best way to kill the butterflies in your stomach is to take a few deep breaths. Taking deep breaths increases supply of oxygen to our brain and helps reduce stress levels. Regular practice of breathing exercises or pranayam can help you stay lean too!

Exercise To Help Eliminate Stress :
Exercise is a wonderful option for helping individuals deal with stress. There are various types of exercise which will aid in providing individuals with clearer minds and less stress in their life. Not only is exercising a good way to alleviate stress once it occurs, it is also beneficial for preventing stress from occurring in the first place.

Take a Tea Break :
It can be tempting to turn to alcohol to help you cope with the day’s strains, but too much booze can make things worse. For a healthier way to de-stress, sip some herbal tea. Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is packed with essential oils that help get rid of tension. Not only is the tea delicious, it’s also caffeine-free so there’s no chance it will make you jittery or stop you sleeping.

Eat Balanced Meals :
Try to include some lean protein like poultry, egg whites, low fat dairy, lean meats, fish, or soy products with each meal. Protein satisfies hunger and also helps keep you mentally alert. Round out your meal with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Bond with Nature :
Taking a stroll down the park or on the beach can instantly freshen your mind. Breathing fresh oxygen and bonding with elements of nature can prove to be absolutely relaxing for the mind and body. Fresh flowers, birds, green grass, the sea can be perfect companions to make a dull day lively.


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