Effective Uses Of Rose Water For Your Body

Uses Of Rose Water

Uses Of Rose Water

You can also use rose water as a natural toner and pore reducer. Simply dab a bit of cotton in rose water and rub everything over your face and your body. In many beauty items rose water are used. Rose water is the byproduct from the rose oil. Every Indian home offers the rosewater in their houses. Below are the advantages of rose water.

Effective Uses Of Rose Water For Your Body :

Hair Rinse

Help make your hair extra soft and shiny (not to mention, infused with an absolutely amazing scent) by making use of a final leave-in rose water rinse after you’ve washed and conditioned. Add three tablespoons rosewater to two cups of cool water and only pour it over your hair, or mist it up with a spray bottle.

Sensitive Skin

Rose water is among the most important tonics used in cosmetics in preparing exfoliating scrubs and masks. It freshens, tones, revives and balances your skin.

Acne Relief

Rosewater has an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, therefore it can help reduce redness, swelling and irritation from bothersome acne. Mix one tablespoon of rosewater with one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and apply to affected areas after washing the face. Leave it on for 10 mins, then rinse. If your skin is simply too sensitive for the acidity of fresh lemon juice, use honey instead.

Anti Oxidant Properties

Just as one anti-inflammatory, rose water soothes sensitive and irritated parts of skin instantly. Since roses have anti-oxidant properties, rose water allows you to generate new skin tissues. When you have a rough or itchy skin, you’ll be able to mix equal quantities of rose water and glycerin, and apply over such areas for just about any softer skin texture.

Eyes Care

Rose water can be used eye drops also. In case your eyes are red, inflammatory then use the 2-3 drop of rosewater on the each eye. Close your eyes and leave them for 10minutes. Your eyes are cooling and relaxing.

Natural Toner

Dip the cotton swab in the rose water. Clean the face with this cotton ball. It is the natural toner. It clears the dirt and dust on the face. Do this process on morning and evening.

Act As a Conditioner

Rose water contains good aroma smell. Add some few drops of rosewater for your shampoo. It will give the best aroma for your hair. Rose water also acts as conditioner for that hair.


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