Beauty Secrets of Using Olive Oil For Your Hair

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Health and skin benefits of essential olive oil have been known to us since forever. However, dvantages of olive oil is its hair grooming property. The amazing benefits essential olive oil for hair. Olive oil is able to treat split ends, heal dandruff and add shine. Essential olive oil contains omega fatty acids, specifically omega-6 and omega-3 with a positive effect on health, hair and skin.

Falling Hair

A common hair treatment involves adding one scrambled egg inside a cup of olive oil in hair after which using the mixture after shampooing your hair. The mixture should remain in your hair for at least 30 to 45 minutes before you decide to rinse it off with water. Hence, essential olive oil is not only ideal for hair growth, but it’s also effective in adding moisture to hair. It may also help the hair to increase volume.

Hair Massage

Massage hair with olive oil regularly. Wrap hair with a warm towel and then leave it on for an hour and then shampoo your hair. You can include a few drops of essential oil to the olive oil. Part hair and apply the oil liberally on your scalp. Slowly work both hands down the ends of the hair shaft. Be sure you massage your scalp along with it will increase the blood circulation and permit the scalp to absorb the nutrients properly.

Hair Conditioner

Essential olive oil also acts as a good conditioner. Mix half a mug of olive oil and add to it an egg yolk plus some lemon juice. Apply the mixture in your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. Then you can shampoo your hair. You’ll feel the difference as it will soft and glossy.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Itchy Scalp

For the dry and itchy scalp, essential olive oil is the best soother. All it takes is just 15 minutes from your daily hair regimen to eliminate the embarrassing itch feeling in your scalp. One may either make use of an olive oil rich shampoo or just choose to massage hair with lukewarm oil for 15 minutes. Once the scalp is thoroughly massaged, wash them utilizing a mild shampoo.

Fight Dandruff

Among the best means, as suggested through the alternative therapists, to get rid of dandruff may be the use of olive oil shampoo. The shampoo that people but out in the markets whose formulation is intended for eliminating dandruff is certainly not but a mixture of harsh detergent. The continuing usage of these chemicals laden shampoos does absolutely nothing to stop the further growth of dandruff, however, makes the scalp more dry and itchy.


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