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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Teenagers

Dieting and exercise are key to losing weight. More young people are struggling with weight loss than ever before inHow to Lose Belly Fat Fast for Teenagers history. Many teenagers struggle with weight in the midsection. This area can be hard to lose weight from, but with a lot of hard work, it can be accomplished. The best way to lose the weight quickly and efficiently is to create a plan and stick to it. This plan can work for teenagers and adults alike.

Diet Tips
Thinking, how to lose belly fat for teenage girls and boys? Stick to these diet tips, to get rid of belly fat quickly. You can also go through this related article on Buzzle which talks about belly fat diet plan, to know more.

  • First of all remember these basics – increase the amount of proteins, and reduce the amount of fats and carbs. Research shows, that people who eat more proteins and less carbs and fats, lose weight faster. So, make a diet chart which includes more lean protein sources and less carbs and fats.
  • For breakfast have a big bowl of fruits and then eat your usual breakfast. Before lunch or dinner, eat a bowl of fresh green salad without any dressing and then eat your meal. Also, for snacks you can eat a nice salad with lemon dressing or any other light dressing. You can also eat some dry nuts and fruits, and yogurt for snacks.
  • Wondering, how to lose stomach fat and improve your metabolism? Eat 4-5 meals everyday, and never skip your breakfast.
  • Also, follow some healthy habits. Drink 2-3 liters of water everyday, eat junk only once or twice a month, drink green tea or fresh juice without sugar instead of sodas.

Exercise Tips
Here are cardio exercises and some target exercises, that you can follow to get rid of the belly fat.

  • Many people tend to just follow some strength training exercises to get rid of belly fat. This is not the right way, one also need to follow cardio. There are many good cardio fat burning exercises. Jump rope and swimming helps to burn amazing number of calories and thus will help you reduce weight.
  • However, if you find them boring, then consider joining some fitness classes. There are many to choose from. You can go for kick boxing, dance routines, spinning classes, etc.
  • Concentrate on some target exercises. Some of the top exercises to lose belly fat are the belly button yoga exercise, Hindu squats and box jumps.
  • Follow these exercise tips to lose belly fat. To do Hindu squats, stand straight with your hands at your sides, and then quickly squat down till your fingertips are almost touching the floor, then quickly stand up. This was one rep, perform 30-50 reps. As you get more stamina do one more set.
  • To do box jumps, set up a box and then stand with shoulder width distance between your feet and jump on the box and hold it for one second count. Then jump down. This was one rep. Perform 20 reps in one set, and then do one more set.
  • If you want to know about exercises which are easy to do, then consider belly button exercises. Belly button is an easy to do exercise, which can really help if you do them often. To do belly button exercise, sit on a chair or floor. Then suck your belly button in, till you feel it almost touching the spine. Then hold it for 20 seconds and release. Do this for 5-10 minutes. You can do belly button anytime of the day.